About Me


Owner/Head Photographer

Alyssa Ratliff-Cox is a young photographer and aspiring author in Lawrence County, Ohio. Growing from her late aunt's photography kit, all the way up to owning Cox Photography, Alyssa was one of the Top Ten Photographers for FASH 2019 AWARDS.


Assistant Photographer/Inventory Clerk

Emma Ratliff, sister of Alyssa Ratliff-Cox, is the second, and assistant photographer at Cox Photography, as well as an inventory clerk to make sure that everything is where it is supposed to be. Emma likes animals and warm weather and someday hopes to be a vet.


Legal Rep./Secretary

Nicole Cox is a mother to four, daughter to two, and wife of one. She volunteers at the Lawrence County Museum and Historical Society on the weekends, and homeschools all four of her daughters. She also has her own farm with chickens, rabbits, dogs, and one cat.