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How to Format a Book to Catch Attention

Updated: Apr 1

For some, writing is the easiest part of being an author. But for all, formatting and definitely the hardest. When it came to publishing my books, formatting was always difficult for me, until I found the secret algorithm to catch any publisher or reader's attention.

Below, is the order in which things go to really set off a book.

• Title

○ Author/Subtitle

• Quote

○ Dedication

• Table of Contents

• Chapter Title

○ Space

○ Chapter

• Acknowledgments

• Author Biography

It's also important to note, that not all of these steps are necessary, but if you are to include them, they should go in this specific order. For example, a subtitle is not always helpful for a book, or you may not include a quote or dedication, and many don't have the long list of acknowledgments at the end, but if you are one who likes to include everything, here is how it's done.

It should also be noted that for e-books, single space is the way to go, while double-space is best for physical books. You should also always keep your general text at 11 pt. font, and in a clear font. Ex. ariel. By the way, don't make the chapter headings/titles too fancy or hard to read, that can deter a lot of your audience from purchasing more of your work.

Thanks for reading.

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