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Poetry Prompts

Updated: Apr 1

I love writing poetry, it's a good way to express yourself and get heavy emotions off your chest. Although, sometimes you can't exactly figure out how to get those emotions off and out into words on paper. I've found this list very helpful as a way to find my words, or even inspire new prompts altogether.

1. A conversation between life and death

2. A love letter to death

3. Describe the seasons as if they're people

4. Make a fight between you and some affliction you have, as if it's a monster

5. Write about you looking at yourself in 3rd person

6. Put yourself in the shoes of an infamous movie villain

7. Describe your favorite taste/smell as a person

8. Describe colors as people

9. Describe the warmth/cold on your skin

10. Write a love letter to your least favorite person

11. Write a love letter to yourself

Hope this helps, and thanks for reading.

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